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Are Solar Panels Worth It In Colorado?

Are Solar Panels Worth It In Colorado?

When you have solar panels installed at your home, there are numerous rewards you can reap. These include lower electricity bills, a reduced carbon footprint, and a potentially higher home value too. However, there is the cost of installation and maintenance to think about so it’s something that needs consideration, especially since the magnitude of the gains can vary widely from one house to another. As a Denver homeowner, your best bet would be to speak to a Denver solar installer and have them walk you through the process. But here are some things worth knowing off the bat.

Benefits the environment

Solar energy is a renewable resource, which means it’s a natural resource that will replenish to replace whatever is used by usage and consumption. Unlike other forms of energy such as oil, gas and coal there’s no damage to the environment- making solar one of the greenest ways to gain energy. Solar power benefits the environment in the following ways:

Reduces air pollution

Fossil fuels create a lot of pollutants. These pollutants damage the environments of plants and animals as well as humans. With cleaner air comes cleaner lungs, and the lives of thousands of people each year could be saved. The habitats of animals and the aesthetics of the places we live in could be greatly improved by moving towards energy sources such as solar, and away from non-renewable sources. 

Reduces water usage

Even ‘clean’ types of power such as hydropower and nuclear use a lot of water, and this water usage can directly affect the local ecosystem. Solar on the other hand uses no water, which is an effective and beneficial way to create power

Helps fight climate change

As the carbon count continues to rise, it becomes more difficult for our planet to clean the air. Climate change is a huge issue, as it causes issues such as flooding, habitat loss, expanding deserts (meaning less space to grow food and where water is scarce) and so much more. By switching to solar panels in Denver we can all take responsibility and do our bit to reduce the amount of fossil fuels that we’re using. 

Financial benefits

On average, Denver homeowners see about $19,000 in savings on electricity bills over twenty years meaning it’s worth the initial investment. Since the actual price you pay can depend on a variety of factors (such as the brand of solar panels you choose and the solar company you hire) it’s worth speaking to a Denver solar installer. We can help you maximize your return on investment by walking you through all of the local incentives that are available, as well as providing warranties and repairs. 

Net metering in Colorado

In Colorado, if you generate more electricity than you use, the extra kilowat hours can be applied to your next energy bill. Colorado net metering policy allows for solar energy customers to receive credits for the energy their solar panels generate, which is up to two hundred percent of their electricity usage for the regulated utilities. Net metering is a big financial incentive for those choosing to go solar. When you choose to have solar panels installed, you’re generating your own electricity. If you produce more electricity than you use at any point in the day, whether you’re a homeowner or own a commercial building, you're able to receive credits from the utility company toward future energy bills.

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