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How Much Is Solar In Denver?

How Much Is Solar In Denver?

An average solar installation in Denver costs around $15,500. However, after accounting for the 26% Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and other state and local solar incentives, the net price you'll pay for solar can fall by thousands of dollars. While this can still seem like a large sum of money to pay up front, there are fantastic reasons finding a Denver solar installer. Read on to find out more. 

The cost of living crisis

There’s no escaping the fact that we’re in the midst of a crisis when it comes to the cost of living. Around 16% of Americans say they are struggling financially, and as of May 2022 food prices increased by 9.4% on average, this is their largest twelve-month rise in over forty years. The cost of energy has risen up to fifteen percent in some states according to the Energy Department's latest figures. An economic recession (caused by the pandemic but made worse by other global issues, such as Brexit and the Russia/ Ukraine conflict) means that we’re living in times of great financial difficulty. Being able to heat, cool and power our homes is so important, but during these times it’s something that more and more people are struggling to do. Taking initiative when it comes to your home’s energy in response to these issues is a smart move. And having solar panels installed is one way to go about this. 

Return on investment

For many homeowners, the upfront investment in solar power is worth paying. On average Denver homeowners see about $19,000 in savings on electricity bills over twenty years. Since the actual price you pay can depend on a variety of factors (such as the brand of solar panels you choose and the solar company you hire) it’s worth speaking to local solar installers. We can help you maximize your return on investment by walking you through all of the local incentives that are available, as well as providing warranties and repairs. 

Check how much you could save

If you’re looking to reduce your costs, and also help to protect yourself against future energy price spikes like this then look for solar companies in Denver Colorado. You keep costs down and you’re not at the mercy of gas and electricity companies when prices fluctuate. And if the last few years has taught us anything, it really is that anything can happen. Use our free calculator to see just how much you’re able to save and utilise the best solar in Denver. 

Environmental benefits

It might be saving money which is your primary motive for having solar panels installed. But there’s no denying the incredible impact these kinds of changes can make to the environment too. Solar is renewable, doesnt cause pollution or even use water like some clean power resources do (such as nuclear and solar). This makes it a win-win for both you financially, as well as the planet.

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