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Illuminate Your Career with Lessar Energy: Pioneers in Solar Sales

Illuminate Your Career with Lessar Energy: Pioneers in Solar Sales

At Lessar Energy, we are lighting the path to a sustainable future. As we surge ahead, we're seeking tenacious, ambitious, and purpose-driven professionals to join our family in two pivotal roles: Outbound Customer Development Representative (OCDR) and Energy Specialist (ES). Here's why Lessar Energy should be your next career destination:

1. Fuel Change, Shape the Future

We are not merely selling solar installations; we are empowering homeowners to be a part of the clean energy revolution. As a member of our team, you will play a crucial role in curbing climate change and advocating for renewable energy. Our mission transcends profit; it’s about making a tangible, lasting impact on our planet​1​.

Outbound Customer Development Representative (OCDR)

As an OCDR, you'll be our front-line ambassador, expanding Lessar Energy's reach. You'll utilize innovative prospecting strategies to identify potential customers, making the first connect, and laying the groundwork for our sales process. Your goal? To bridge homeowners with our exceptional offerings and ensure a robust pipeline for our sales team.

Why Launch Your Career as an OCDR at Lessar Energy?

  • Rapid Career Progression: With a low entry barrier and vast opportunities for professional development, you'll be on the fast track to success. Empowered by our comprehensive training and cutting-edge tools, you'll be confidently engaging with new customers in no time​2​.
  • Flexible Work Model: Leverage the benefits of remote work in the OCDR role. You'll be connecting with prospective clients and scheduling appointments, all from the comfort of your chosen environment​3​.

Energy Specialist (ES)

As an Energy Specialist, you'll be our customers' trusted advisor. You'll be tasked with not only meeting the needs of our existing customers but also closing sales to onboard new ones. Your focus will be on surpassing monthly revenue targets and the number of projects sold.

Why Elevate Your Career as an ES at Lessar Energy?

  • Substantial Earning Potential: Our ES role is designed for high achievers. Along with a competitive base, you'll benefit from an attractive commission structure and bonus incentives tied to targets, amplifying your earning potential​4​.
  • Meaningful Sales: You'll be promoting a product that offers significant financial benefits to homeowners and contributes to environmental sustainability. Every deal closed is a step towards a greener planet, making your victories doubly rewarding​5​.

Power the Future with Lessar Energy

With the global solar photovoltaic capacity on a meteoric rise, the solar industry is on the cusp of a significant breakthrough​6​. This is the opportune moment to steer your career towards this vibrant sector. At Lessar Energy, we offer the mentorship, tools, and nurturing environment you need to reach your potential. Why wait? Embark on a career that illuminates lives and the world. Join us in driving the solar revolution.

Act Now for a Brighter Tomorrow

Don't wait for the future to come to you - help shape it with Lessar Energy. Visit our Careers Page today to explore our open positions in detail. If you're ready to take the next step in your career and make a real impact, apply for the Outbound Customer Development Representative or Energy Specialist role now. Join us in powering a sustainable future.

Blog page goal post vector.

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