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Solar panel Installation.

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A house with solar panels on the roof
A house with solar panels on the roof

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Why Should You Use Solar Energy?

Control Your Energy Cost

By having a choice in where you get your power, you can avoid annual rate increases and have more control.

Upgrade Your Home

List your home as a “ Energy Efficient Home” helping it sell faster and for a premium!

Save Money

Solar technology has come a long way! In most states it is much cheaper than your normal utility provider.

Help The Environment

Cities across world are becoming more and more polluted.  Solar is 100% clean and safe!

Collection of houses with Solar panels on their roofs
When you purchase solar for your home, you can qualify for a 30% Federal Tax Credit claimed against your tax liability.
We’ve engineered a smarter way to pay for Solar, by creating favorable options to save you money. This is how dreamers become doers.

You Can Go Solar For $0 Out Of Pocket

Take advantage of new ownership programs available making it more affordable than ever to switch to renewable energy.

Every home is different. Our team of professionals will provide you with the programs that best fit your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when we need our roof replaced?

Our team of electricians will detach and reset the panels. When that time comes just give us a call. We will work directly with your roofing company to make sure you’re all covered. Your homeowner's insurance will cover the cost of detaching and resetting the panels if your roof is being replaced due to damage.

What if we move?

The average homeownership duration is 8 years and we understand this. Our solar ownership programs allow you to list your house as an “Energy Efficient Home” helping it sell faster and for a premium!

How much does it cost?

Solar is not a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Each house is a unique and different project. The cost of solar is dependent on several factors such as the amount of electricity your home uses, future plans, etc. To find out how much solar installation will cost for your home use our free savings calculator here.

Who maintains it?

We provide best-in-class system monitoring backed by a 25-year production guarantee and rest assured being a local company, we’ve got your back.

When do we start saving money?

The average homeowner that qualifies will save over $900 their first year by making the switch to solar.

energy efficiency upgrades
Tier 1 Equipment

Our solar panels are extremely weather-resistant,  any normal hail, water, thunderstorm, supercell, would not affect the durability of the solar panel.

smart home bundle
Hail Resistent

Our solar panels have undergone extensive testing to improve durability and resilience. This includes testing solar panels under hail-like conditions

ev charger

Solar panel detach and reset — often referred to as uninstalling and reinstalling, is done temporarily by removing rooftop solar panels so that construction work or repairs can be completed


The Solar Monitoring System

Keep track of the output of your solar panels.
Measure solar radiation and other weather data.
Detect any potential damage to your panels.
Screen of monitoring app for solar panelsScreen of monitoring app for solar panelsScreen of monitoring app for solar panels
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